Gilgamesh EP

Artist: Matt van Dura
Title: Gilgamesh
Version: Original Single
Including Remixes by Groovechiller & Lucy van Dura.
The track is featured on the „Heineken Ibiza Final Compilation 2013“, mixed by Steve Paris.
The track deals with the mystical king Gilgamesh of ancient Uruk. He was the first hero of a novel in world history.
The Epic of Gilgamesh deals, among other things, with the deluge, which became part of the holy bible, thousands of years later.
The vocal of that track, spoken by Matt van Dura himself and sung by Groovechiller in other versions, refers to that fact, and to Gilgamesh’s mystical attributes.
Release Date: 28.03.2013
Label: Bonn Media Company / Looped Society Records
Distributor: Rebeat
Gilgamesh (Original Mix) – 5:05
(ISRC: ATR981138828)
Gilgamesh (Groovechiller Remix) – 7:48
(ISRC: ATR981138829)
Gilgamesh (Lucy van Dura Remix) – 5:33
(ISRC: ATR981138830)
Gilgamesh Cover