Ozymandias – The Remixes

Artist: Matt van Dura
Title: Ozymandias
Version: The Remixes
Including Remixes by Groovechiller, GFC & Arin Amador
With a brand new vocal, sung by Christoph Rosen, in Grooverchiller’s remixes.
Oldschool Feeling with GFC’s Oldschool Acid and Airplay remixes.
Also including all Dub Mixes, by Arin Amador, Groovechiller and the previously unreleased Original Dub from summer 2012.
Release Date: 25.04.2013
Label: Bonn Media Company / Looped Society Records
Distributor: Rebeat
Ozymandias (Groovechiller Remix) – 6:30
(ISRC: ATR981139493)
Ozymandias (Groovechiller’s Dub Mix) – 6:21
(ISRC: ATR981139494)
Ozymandias (GFC‘ Oldschool Airplay Mix) – 5:25
(ISRC: ATR981139495)
Ozymandias (GFC’s Oldschool Acid Mix) – 6:07
(ISRC: ATR981139496)
Ozymandias (Arin Amador’s Dub Mix) – 5:49
(ISRC: ATR981139497)
Ozymandias (Original Dub Mix) – 9:56
(ISRC: ATR981139498)