Heiss EP

Artist: Matt & Lucy van Dura
Title: Heiss EP
Version: Extended Player
This is the first completely joint project of Matt van Dura and his spouse Lucy. Lucy van Dura has made a name for herself as a well-known DJane over the past fourteen years and already created remixes of Matt’s first two singles “Ozymandias“ and „Gilgamesh“.
Following the release of these two tracks, Matt and Lucy’s whole life changed and they grew together as a great team in the recording studio. Given the good chemistry of this musical power couple and their shared backgrounds as DJs, the genesis of the “Heiss” EP was merely a logical consequence.
All tracks on the EP revolve around the topic of heat (“Heiss” = German for “hot”), from the Greek sun-god „Helios“, to a bright „Blue Flare“, to „Liquid Fire“ or the dance of fire „El Baile del Fuego“.
  • Composition: Mathias Bonn a.k.a. Matt van Dura
  • Synthesizer Programming: Mathias & Verena Bonn a.k.a. Lucy van Dura
  • Arrangement: Mathias Bonn & Verena Bonn
  • Vocals on “Helios”: Mathias Bonn
  • Mastering and additional production: Christoph Rosen a.k.a. Groovechiller
Release Date: 15.05.2014
Label: Bonn Media Company / Looped Society Records
Distributor: Rebeat
Helios – 6:24
(ISRC: ATR981148527)
Blue Flare – 5:00
(ISRC: ATR981148528)
El Baile del Fuego – 7:36
(ISRC: ATR981148529)
Liquid Fire – 7:47
(ISRC: ATR981148530) 
Heiss EP Cover Final 800